• A1. Miso Soup $2
    Soybean paste w. tofu and seaweed
  • A2. Mushroom Soup $2
    Clear broth w. mushroom and scallion
  • A3. Veg. Tofu Soup $3.95

    A4. Edamame Soup $4.95
    Coconut curry broth, crab meat & edamame
  • A5. Tokyo Seafood Soup (for 2) $7.95
    Japanese style hot and sour seafood soup

    A6. Hot & Sour Thai Soup w. choice of :
    Chicken or Veg. $4.50
    Shrimp or Seafood $5.50

    A7. Chicken Soup w. Coconut $4.50
    Chicken & veg. Thai style soup w. coconut milk, lime juice and veg.

Hot Appetizer

  • A14. Edamame $3.95
    Steamed Japanese soybean
  • A15. Miso Eggplant $4.95
    Eggplant marinated in shira misco sauce
  • A16. Age Tofu $4.95
    Fried bean curd served with tempura sauce

    A17. Harumaki $3.95
    Japanese spring roll with vegetable

    A18. Shumai $4.95
    Steamed or Fried shrimp dumpling
  • A19. Crab Rangoon $5.95

    A20. Gyoza $5.95

    Pan fried or steamed veggie, pork, or shrimp dumpling

    A21. Steamed Dumpling $4.95

    A22. Yakitori $5.95
    Grilled chicken on skewer

    A23. Kushiyaki $7.50
    Grilled beef or shrimp on skewer

    A24. Beef Negimaki $7.50
    Sliced beef roll w. scallion on teriyaki sauce

    A25.  Avocado Tempura $5.95

    A26. Vegetable Tempura $6

    A27. Chicken Tempura $7

    A28. Shrimp Tempura $8

    A29. Soft Shell Crab Tempura $7.95

    A30. Kamaru $4.95
    B.B.Q squid w/ special sauce

    A31. Asparagus Bacon Maki $5.95
    Grilled bacon roll with asaparagus

    A32. Chicken Cheese Maki $6.95

    Deep fried chicken w. cream cheese, crab meat, and asparagus inside

    A33. Steamed Asparagus $3.95

    A34. Fried Calamari $5.95
    Deep fried squid served with ponzu sauce

    A35. Seafood Dynamite $8.50
    Broiled scallop, crabmeat, shrimp. white fish & black mushroom with mayonnaise caviar served on shells

    A36. Duck Tortillas $8.50
    Tortillas wrapped w. crispy duck, pepper, scallion and cucumber

    A37. Rocky Shrimp $8.50
    Deep fried breaded shrimp w. chef's special sauce

    A38. Chicken Lettuce Wrap $8
    Diced white meat chicken and pine nuts w. hoisin sauce, served w. lettuce wrap

    A39. Dim Sum Sample box (for 2) $14
    Crab Rangoon (4), Pork Gyoza (4), Spring Roll (2) &
    Fried Shumai (4)


  • A8. Green Salad or Cucumber Salad $2.95

    A9. Avocado Garden Salad $4.95

    A10. Kani Salad $5.95
    Crabmeat and cucumber mixed w. tobiko

    A11. Green Seaweed Salad $5.95

    A11. Seafood Salad $7.95
    Shrimp, octopus, squid and crab meat in chef's special sauce

    A12. Ichiban Salad $7.95
    Crabmeat, mango, cucumber & crunchy mixed w. tobiko & chef special sauce

    A13. Volcano Salad $9.95
    Crabmeat, shrimp, cucumber, seaweed salad, avocado and spicy sauce


  • A40. Sushi Appetizer $8.95
    5 pcs assorted fresh raw fish over rice (chef's choice)

    A41. Shashimi Appetizer $9.95
    6 pcs assorted fresh raw fish (chef's choice)

    A42. Tako Su $7.95
    Sliced of octopus in vinegar sauce

    A43. Sunomo $7.95
    Mixed fish, cucumber with sunomono sauce

    A44. Seafood Martini $8.95
    Tuna, salmon, white fish in wasabi lime juice

    A45. Jalapeno Yellowtail $13.95

    A46. Tuna Tataki $8.95
    Thinly Sliced tuna with ponzu sauce

    A47. Beef Tataki $9.50
    Thinly sliced beef with ponzu sauce

    A48. oshinko $4.95
    Assorted Japanese pickles

    A49. Spicy Tuna Bomb $9.95

    A50. Tuna Tata or Salmon Tata $9.95
    Chopped tuna or salmon with Japanese spicy sauce

    A51. Tuna Dumpling $9.95

    A52. Tuna or Salmon Pizza $10.95
    Avocado, tobiko and scallion mixed w. spicy mayo eel sauce


From 11:30 am - 3:30pm. Except Sunday and Holiday
Indicates Spicy
** indicates item has no raw fish in it

Hibachi Lunch from the Kitchen

  • All Served w. mushroom soup, fried rice and vegetable

  • KL1. Hibachi Vegetable $8.50

    KL2. Hibachi Chicken $9.50

    KL3. Hibachi Shrimp $11.95

    KL4. Hibachi Scallop $11.95

    KL5. Hibachi Salmon $11.95

    KL6. Hibachi Steak $11.95

    KL7. Hibachi Filet Mignon $14.95

    KL8. Hibachi Lobster Tail $15.95

    KL9. Hibachi Lunch Combo $13.95

    Your choice of two of these items cooked the way you like: vegetable, chicken, steak, calamari, shrimp, salmon & scallops
  • Sushi or Sashimi Lunch

    Served w. California roll & shumai

    KL10. Sushi Box (6 pcs) $10.95

    KL11. Sashimi Box (8pcs) $11.95

    KL12. Sushi & Sashimi Box $14.95
    3 pcs of sushi and 8 pcs of sashimi

    Lunch Box Special

    Served w. miso soup or salad, fried shumai or spring roll, California roll and white rice or brown rice

    KL13. Vegetable Teriyaki $8.50

    KL14. Chicken Teriyaki $9.50

    KL15. Shrimp Teriyaki $10.95

    KL16. Salmon Teriyaki $10.95

    KL17. Steak Teriyaki $11.50

    L18. Scallop Teriyaki $11.50

    KL19. Chicken Tempura $9.50

    KL20. Shrimp Tempura $10.95

    KL21. Beef Negimaki $10.95

    KL22. Chicken or Pork Katsu $9.95

  • Lunch Entrees 

    Served w. miso soup or salad, white or brown rice

    KL23. Mango Chicken / Shrimp $9/$10

    Sautéed or deep fried white meat chicken or shrimp w. fresh mango, red pepper, and the famous mango sauce
  • KL24. Thai Sweet Basil  Chicken $9/ Beef $10/ Shrimp $10
    Thai chili paste sautéed w. pepper, onion, straw mushroom and fresh basil leaves

    KL25. Thai Red Curry  Chicken $9/ Beef $10/ Shrimp $10
    Spicy red curry w. basil, bell pepper and coconut milk

    KL26. Sesame Chicken   $9

    KL27. Golden Orange Chicken    $9
    Wok glazed whie meat chicken and tossed in a zesty orange glaze
    KL28. Sauteed Seasoned Vegetable $8


  • KL29. Pad Thai
    Vegetable $8
    Chicken $9
    Beef $10
    Shrimp $10

    KL30. Yaki Udon

    Vegetable $8
    Chicken $9
    Beef $10
    Shrimp $10

    KL31. Yaki Soba
    Vegetable $8
    Chicken $9
    Beef $10
    Shrimp $10

    Served with miso soup or salad
    ** Indicates there is no raw fish in this item

    Any Two Rolls $9.50

    Any Three Rolls $14.50

    Any Four Rolls $18.95


    ** Salmon Skin
    Spicy Salmon

    Spicy Tuna
    ** Avocado
    ** Cucumber
    ** Oshinko
    ** Ebi Tempura (1pc)
    Spicy White Tuna
    ** Asparagus
    ** Vegetable
    ** Boston
    Tuna w. Avocado or Cucumber
    Shrimp w. Avocado or Cucumber
    Salmon w. Avocado or Cucumber
    ** Sweet Potato Roll
    White Tuna w. Avocado or Cucumber
    Spicy Crabmeat



  • Entrees served w. miso soup or salad, white rice or brown rice
    = indicates spicy

  • K1. Sauteed Seasoned Veg. $12.95
    Mixed vegetable v. garlic sauce

    K2. Shrimp or Beef Kushi Yaki Dinner $18.95
    Grilled jumbo shrimp or beef on skewers w. chef's special sauce

    K3. Hong Kong Style Seafood Pan-Fried Noodles $18.95
    Angel hair noodles topped w. a combination shrimp, scallop, and calamari w. assorted vegetables

    K4. Roasted Duck Meat $19.95
    Crispy roasted Japanese duck topped w. house special duck sauce

    K6. Thai Sweet basil Tofu w. Veg $11.95 / Chicken $14.95
    Beef or Shrimp $15.95

    Thai chili paste sauteed w. pepper, onion, straw muchroom and fresh basil leaves

    K7. Thai Mango Chicken $13.95 / Shrimp $15.95
    Sauteed white meat chicken or shrimp w. fresh mango, red pepper, and the famous mango sauce

    K8.  Thai Red Curry Tofu w. Veg. $11.95 / Chicken $13.95
    Beef or Shrimp $15.95

    Spicy red curry w. basil snow pea, zucchini, broccoli, bell pepper and coconut milk

    K9. Sesame Chicken $13.95
    Glazed white meat chicken

    K10. Golden Orange Chicken $13.95
    Wok glazed white meat chicken and tossed in a zesty orange glaze

    K11. Grilled Chilean Sea Bass $23.95
    Stir fried mignon w. seasonal mixed vegetables and basil

    K12. King of the Sea $25.95
    Shrimp, scallop and lobster w. lemon butter sauce

    K13. Surf and Turf $26.95
    Grilled filet mignon and lobster tail w. teppanyaki and cilantro sauce

    Served with miso soup or salad, white or brown rice, marinated and broiled in homemade teriyaki sauce

    K14. Tofu w. Vegetable Teriyaki $12.95

    K15. Chicken Teriyaki $14.95

    K16. Steak Teriyaki $17.95

    K17. Salmon Teriyaki $16.95

    K18. Shrimp Teriyaki $17.95

    K19. Scallop Teriyaki $18.95

    K20. Beef Negimaki $17.95
    Broiled beef rolled with scallions

    K21. Filet Mignon Teriyaki $22.95

    K22. Seafood Teriyaki $24.95
    lobster tail, shrimp and scallops


    Lightly buttered & crispy.  Deep fried w. ginger sauce.  Served w. miso soup or salad, white or brown rice

    K23. Vegetable Tempura $12.95

    K24. Chicken & Veg. Tempura $15.95

    K25. Shrimp and Veg Tempura $18.95

    K26. Soft Shell Crab Tempura $19.95

    K27. Seafood Tempura $23.95
    Lobster, scallop, shrimp & veg.

    Chicken & Veg. Tempura $15

    Shrimp & Veg. Tempura $18


    Deep fried in bread crumbs with katsu sauce
    Served with misco soup or salad, white or brown rice

    K28. Ton Katsu $14.95

    Breaded pork cutlet

    K29. Chicken katsu $14.95
    Breaded chicken cutlet


  • Served with miso soup or salad

    K30. Gyu Don
    Breaded pork cutlet

    K31. Oyako Don $10.95
    Cooked chicken vegetable w. egg over rice

    K32. Pork or Chicken Katsu Don
    Deep fried pork or chicken with egg over rice


    K33. Tempura Udon $11.95
    Udon noodle in soup with shrimp and vegetable tempura

    K34. Nabe Yaki Udon $12.95
    Tempura shrimp, fish cake, chicken, egg, vegetable and udon noodles soup

    K35. Veg. yaki Udon $9.95
    Stir fried chicken and veg. with thick noodles

    K36. Chicken Yaki Udon $10.95
    Stir fried chicken and veg . with thick noodles

    K37. Beef or Shrimp Yaki Udon $13.95
    Stir-fried beef or shrimp and veg. with thick noodles

    K38. Seafood Yaki Udon $16.95
    Shrimp, scallops, crab meat, fish cake and vegetables

    K39. Yose Nabe $15.95

    Shrimp, scallop, fish cake, crab meat, vegetable and yam noodle with broth in a pot

    K40. Sukiyaki $16.95
    Sliced beef, tofu, veg. and yam noodles in a pot

    K41. Chicken yaki Soba $12.95
    Pan-fried thin yellow noodle with chicken and vegetable

    K42. Beef or Shrimp Yaki Soba $14.95
    Pan-fried thin noodles with beef or shrimp and vegetable

    K43.  Pad Thai
    Thai rice noodle stir-fried w. bean sprouts, dried bean curd, eggs and roasted peanuts
    w. your choice of:
    Chicken: $11.95
    Vegetable $10.95
    Beef $14.95
    Shrimp $14.95

    K44. Chicken or Vegetable Fried Rice $10.95

    K45. Beef or Shrimp Fried Rice $12.95

    K46. Pineapple and Shrimp Fried Rice $13.95



    Your choice of TWO items from below:

    Chicken Teriyaki
    Shrimp Teriyaki
    Ton Katsu
    Vegetable Tempura
    Steak Teriyaki
    Eel Teriyaki
    Shrimp Tempura
    Sushi or Sashimi (any choice except toro, uni)
    Salmon Teriyaki
    Beef Negimaki
    Chicken Tempura

Hibachi Menu

Hibachi Menu

  • Served w. mushroom soup, green salad, 2 pcs jumbo shrimp, fried rice & vegetable, *$2 Extra for noodles

  • H1. Hibachi Veg. (no shrimp) $11.95

    H2. Hibachi Chicken $16.95

    H3. Hibachi Calamari $19.95

    H4. Hibachi Shrimp $20.95

    H5. Hibachi Sword Fish $20.95

    H6. Hibachi Steak $21.95

    H7. Hibachi Scallop $21.95

    H8. Hibachi Salmon $20.95

    H9. Hibachi Filet Mignon $24.95

    H10. Hibachi Lobster Tail $29.95

    H11. Hibachi Dinner Combo $23.95
    Your choice of two of these items cooked the way you like:
    Chicken, Steak, Calamari, Shrimp, Salmon, Scallops,
    and Sword fish

    H12. Filet Mignon and Chicken $25.95

    H13. Filet Mignon and Shrimp $26.95

    H14. Filet Mignon and Salmon $26.95

    H15. Filet Mignon and Scallop $27.95

    H16. Hibachi Salmon and Lobster Tail $28.95

    H17. Hibachi Chicken and Lobster Tail $27.95

    H18. Hibachi Scallops and Lobster Tail $28.95

    H19. Hibachi Steak and Lobster Tail $28.95

    H20. Hibachi Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail $30.95

    H21. Seafood Combination $31.95
    Shrimp, scallops and lobster tail

    H22. Honey For 2 $59.95
    Chicken, filet mignon, shrimp, scallop and lobster
    (with one dessert)

Hibachi Side Orders

  • H23. Hibachi Veg. $5.95

    H24. Hibachi Chicken $6.95

    H25. Hibachi Steak $9.95

    H26. Hibachi Salmon $8.95

    H27. Hibachi Shrimp or Scallop $9.95

    H28. Hibachi Calamari $8.95

    H29. Hibachi Filet Mignon $11.95

    H30. Hibachi Lobster Tail $12.95

    H31. Hibachi Noodle $3.95

    H32. Hibachi Fried Rice $3.95


  • For Children Under 12
    Served with mushroom soup or salad, 1 pc jumbo shrimp, fried rice and vegetable

    H33. Hibachi Chicken $8.50

    H34. Hibachi Steak $12.95

    H35. Hibachi Shrimp $12.95

    H36. Hibachi Filet Mignon $15.95


    White Rice $2.00

    Brown Rice $2.50

    Salad $1.95

    1 Pt. Salad Ginger Dressing $3.95


Roll or Hand Roll

  • ** Indicates there is no raw fish in this item

  • S1. Tekka Maki $5.00
    Tuna Roll

    S2. Sake Maki $5.00
    Salmon roll

    S3. Tai Maki $5.00
    Red snapper roll

    S4. **California Roll $5.00
    Crabmeat, avocado, cucumber

    S5.  Alaska Maki $5.50
    Tuna, cucumber and avocado

    S7. **Boston Maki $5.50
    Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise

    S8. Philadelphia Roll $5.50
    Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado & scallion

    S9. **Ebi Avocado or Cucumber Roll $5.50
    Shrimp, avocado or cucumber

    S10.  **Eel Avocado or Cucumber Roll $5.75

    S11. Hamachi Negi $5.50
    Yellowtail with scallions

    S12. Spicy Salmon Roll $5.75

    S13. **Salmon Skin Maki $5.75
    Salmon skin with cucumber

    S14. Spicy Tuna Roll $5.75
    Tuna with Japanese spicy sauce

    S15. Spicy Yellowtail Roll $5.75
    Yellowtail with Japanese spicy sauce

    S16. Spicy Red Snapper Roll $5.75
    Red snapper with Japanese spicy sauce

    S17.  **Ebi Tempura Maki $7.95
    Shrimp tempura roll

    S18.  **Rock' N Roll $7.95
    Eel, salmon skin, cucumber and avocado

    S19. Kamikaze Roll $9.95
    Avocado with half spicy tuna and half spicy yellowtail

    S20. Mexican Roll $7.95
    Spicy salmon and avocado with dry seaweed outside

    S21. Spicy Scallop Roll $7.95

    S22. Pearl Roll $7.95
    Shrimp, crabmeat asparagus with crunch with special wasabi sauce

    S23. **California Tempura Roll $7.95
    California roll deep fried with chef special sauce

    S24. Spicy Crabmeat Roll $5.75

    S25. Spicy White Tuna Roll $5.75


  • ** Indicates there is no raw fish in this item

    S26. Avocado Roll $3.95

    S27. **Avocado Peanut Roll $4.95

    S28. **Cucumber Roll $3.95

    S29.  **Sweet Potato Roll $4.50

    S30.  **Asparagus Roll $3.95

    S31.  **Oshinko Roll $3.95
    Pickled radish

    S32. **Shiitake Roll $3.95
    Japanese mushroom roll

    S33. **Veg. California Roll $4.95
    Asparagus, cucumber and avocado

    S34. House Veg. maki $5.95

    S35. **Futo Maki $6.95
    Variety of vegetable, crab meat, egg and avocado


    Served w. miso Soup

    S36. Sushi Regular $16.95
    8 pcs sushi with one California roll

    S37. Sushi Deluxe $18.95
    10 pcs sushi with one tuna roll

    S38. Sashimi Regular $20.95
    12 pcs sashimi and one bowl rice

    S39. Sashimi Deluxe $22.95
    16 pcs sashimi and one bowl rice

    S40. Tuna Yellowtail Sashimi $21.95
    6 pcs tuna and 6 pcs yellowtail

    S41. Maguro Sushi Dinner $17.95
    7 pcs tuna sushi and one tuna roll

    S42. Hamachi Sushi Dinner $18.95
    7 pcs yellowtail sushi and one yellowtail roll

    S43. Tekka Don $17.95
    Sliced tuna and seaweed over seasonal rice

    S44. Unagi Don $17.95
    Broiled eel over seasonal rice

    S45. Hamachi Don $19.95
    Yellowtail and seaweed over seasoned rice

    S46. Chirashi Dinner $17.95
    A variety of raw fish over seasoned rice

    S47. Sushi and Sashimi Combo $26.95
    6 pcs sushi and 10 pcs sashimi and California roll

    S48.  Sushi Special For 2 $34.95
    16 pcs assorted sushi with a Godzilla roll

    S49. Sashimi Special For 2 $40.95
    30 pcs sashimi assorted

    S50.  Tokyo Love Boat or Bridge For 2 $45.95
    12 pcs sushi assorted and 18 pcs sashimi assorted w. one California roll and one tuna roll

    S51. Chef's Special Sushi and Sashimi For 2 $65.95
    12 pcs sushi assorted and 22 pcs sashimi assorted w. two chef's special roll

    S52. Party Boat For 3 $79.95

    Assorted 24 pcs sashimi and 18 pcs sushi w. two chef's special roll and California roll

    S53. Party Boat For 4 $99.95
    Assorted 30 pcs sashimi and 22 pcs sushi w. two chef's special roll and California roll


  • Sushi: 2 pcs per order | Sashimi: 3 pcs per order
    Sashimi add $1.00 Extra
    ** Indicates there is no raw fish in this item

  • S54. Salmon (Sake) $4.50

    S55. Tuna
    (Maguro) $5.50

    S56. Yellowtail
    (Hamachi) $5.95

    S57. Red Snapper
    (tai) $4.50

    S58. Mackerel
    (Saba) $4.50

    S59.  **Eel
    (Unagi)(Sashimi 2pcs) $6.50

    S60. Fluke
    (Hirame) $4.95

    S61.  Squid
    (Ika) $3.95

    S62. Salmon Roe
    (Ikura)(Sashimi 2pcs) $6.50

    S63. Flying Fish Roe
    (Tobiko)(Sashimi 2pcs) $5.95

    S64. **Shrimp
    (ebi) $3.95

    S65. **Octopus
    (tako) $5.50

    S66. **Egg
    (tamago) $2.95

    S67. **Bean Curd Skin
    (Inari) $2.95

    S68. **Crab Stick
    (kani) $3.95

    S69. Sea urchin
    (uni)(Sashimi 2pcs) $8.95

    S70. Sweet Shrimp
    (Amaebi)(Sashimi 2pcs) $6.95

    S71. Smoked Salmon $4.95

    S72. White Tuna $4.95

    S73. Scallop
    (Hototgai) $5.50

    S74. Red Clam
    (Hokkigal) $3.95

    S75. Fatty Tuna
    (Toro) (Sashimi 2pcs) $14

    S76. Striped Bass $4.95


  • ** Indicates there is no raw fish in this item

    S77. Dragon Roll $10.95

    Eel and cucumber wrapped with avocado & tobiko top

    S78. Bonsai Tree $10.95
    A summer delight to cool you off.  Salmon, yellowtail, tuna, crab meat, avocado, ikura and seaweed wrapped in cucumber
    topped with ponzu sauce

    S79. Rainbow Roll $10.95
    A colorful creation made with crab meat, cucumber and avocado inside, with tuna, salmon, sea bass and yellowtail outside, topped with tobiko

    S80. Godzilla Roll $10.95
    Spicy tuna inside wrapped with avocado and tobiko on top.  Life will never be the same.

    S81. **French Dragon $13.95
    For a little french experience shrimp tempura topped with eel and avocado.  Bon appetite

    S82.  Angel Roll $12.95
    An all time favorite!  Peppered tuna, tempura crunch and wasabi inside. Salmon, eel and avocado on top.

    S83. **Spider Roll $12.95
    Fried soft shell crab with cucumber, avocado, tobiko and mayonnaise Mm...

    S84. **Monster Roll $13.95
    Eel, shrimp, crab, avocado, asparagus and tobiko with eel sauce

    S85. Black Dragon Roll $13.95
    Spicy tuna inside wrapped w. 4 pcs eel and avocado outside

    S86. Angry Dragon $14.95
    Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado inside topped w. spicy kani and yuzu miso eel sauce

    S87. **Crazy Roll $12.95
    Sea bass, asparagus, avocado and crab wrapped in nori then deep fried and topped with tobiko, scallions, spicy mayonnaise and more crunch.

    S88. Mango Dancing Roll $13.95
    Spicy white tuna and crunch inside, topped with spicy yellowtail, mango and tobiko

    S89. **Patriot Roll $14.95
    Shrimp tempura and asparagus inside.  Lobster salad, avocado tobiko outside w. chef special sauce.

    S90. **Tokyo Roll $14.95
    Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside w. half eel and caviar on top.

    S91. **Lobster Roll $12.95
    Lobster tempura, lettuce, cucumber and tobiko.

    S92. Sexy Girl $13.95
    Spicy tuna and crunch on the top, shrimp tempura inside.

    S93. Sweet Heart Roll $13.95
    Heart shaped spicy tuna roll wrapped in seaweed and rice surround with fresh tuna

    S94. Paradise Roll $13.95
    Spicy lobster salad, shrimp tempura, banana tempura wrapped w. soy paper, citrus mango sauce.

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